Designer Profile: Valrie Powell of Cherry Chic

The artistic development of new talent in a fast paced industry has a steep
learning curve. Cherry Chic, a fashion line designed by Valrie Powell will be featured in Runway Monthly at The Bank June 23rd, 2012. Tickets are still available at Runway Monthly , a venue that promotes a monthly showcase of Canadian based fashion designers.

One look from Cherry Chic during Runway Monthly at The Bank on June 23

This is, as they say, not Ms. Powell’s first rodeo with her label Cherry Chic.
Featured in Alberta Fashion Week 2012, sold locally in Calgary at Eleven:Eleven and numerous runway shows at local establishments since 2009, the learning curve for Ms.
Powell has been both a challenge and a reward.
Process is as important as the end result for some entrepreneurs. For Valrie Powell,
the launch of signature label Cherry Chic in 2008 and all that lay ahead for
Runway Monthly on June 23rd, the process of creating standout fashion is
ongoing. From trunk shows torunway shows, to selling clothing in a local
boutique, Cherry Chic is slowly maturing into a known label in the Calgary
Rewind to 2008- an idea developed in the mind of Valrie Powell to pursue a lifelong
ambition of having her own clothing line. A combination of family knowledge and
drive, a dash of technique from the University of Manitoba thrown in to the mix
of Calgary during a time of intense development and entrepreneurial talent and
out came the idea: Cherry Chic.

A look from Cherry Chic for fall 2009

Ms. Powell admits freely that there is no set plan for any one piece that she hand
crafts. Ideas for new designs come from the every day. Bolts of fabric input
from friends and family, the way a coat moves in the sunlight and reveals flaws
in design. Small subtle imaginings combine over time, and Ms. Powell, through tactile
manipulation of textiles, yields piece by piece full collections.
Ms. Powell’s knowledge of textiles is impressive. Imagine if you will, a stack of
fabric. Bolts of different material in multiple colors. Now imagine the ability
to drift among the stacks and be able to tell by touch the difference between
cotton, woven, poly blend and PVC. Then imagine in your minds eye a coat that
can be worn in the everyday world complete with easy care instructions. And now
imagine that you have a superhuman ability to manufacture that garment from
hand drawn pattern blocking up until the final hand stitched lining. That is
the life cycle of a design by Valrie Powell, and each piece is comprised of
hand picked material crafted into wearable art.

A fringed halter top, to be paired with pvc black pants

The current 2012 Fall/Winter look book (a catalogue of fashion pieces for each
season) showcases jackets, coats, pencil skirts, fringed animal print sequined
confections and distinctive blouses. All of which will be on proud display at
the Runway Monthly show.
The ‘wearable art’ is assembled neatly on two racks for her upcoming runway show.
Two mannequins stand at attention next to the racks along the far wall of her
workshop. A keen eye will deduce that the six foot tall lady mannequin is
position ever so slightly beyond the eye line of the entryway- so as to not
startle a visitor. Framed photographs of past designs line the walls, or are
leaning casually against any available surface. Design books and in progress
patterns are piled high on the conveniently placed coffee table. Remnants of
fabric inspirations are piled here and there. Bolts of fabric a assembled
neatly in a closet, and a pile of ideas in the form of have assembled clothing
await the final judgment.
The support system behind Cherry Chic is a substantial one. Friends and Family continue to aid Ms. Powell in achieving her dream. Having launched her strongest collection for this Fall/Winter 2012, Ms. Powell could not have accomplished it without the aid of the following people:
Sean Tomyn, a close friend of Ms. Powell’s, who generously gave advice based on his extensive experience as a model and sales representative in the industry.
Kada Issa – Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Shaun Harrison of Af8 – Photographer
Demoura Gordon of Dee Nev Hair – Hair Stylist
And of course, some excellent new emerging models featured in Cherry Chic’s Fall/Winter 2012 Look book:
Alexandria Wiemer-MacLean, Via McCormick, Darcy Waters, Gaby DE BARRY
Model: Gaby DE BARRY Design; Cherry Chic F/W 2012  Photography: AF8
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